Turn your Laptop into a WIFI Hotspot

Many of us still use the old classic modem which have Ethernet port and lacks wireless fidelity, but now everyone possess tablets and smartphones so one should be able to access internet at his place so its, must to have wifi service. How to do it without buying wifi router(wifi router costs you around 1200) here is a solution for that.

Pre requisities:

  • Internet Connection.
  • Wifi Enabled Laptop/Desktop.
  • Connectify Hotspot App installed on your PC.

Connectify provides you the free and paid app which will let users in sharing internet connection over wifi. In free ver users have to manually setup the settings and cant share files over internet.


  • Install connectify hotspot app www.connectify.me.
  • Set it up manually(switch on your laptop’s wifi)
  • You can set password for the network.
  • Now search for wifi networks on tablet and acces internet.

The only problem with this solution is , the laptop should be up all the time to use the wifi on secondary device.
Happy browsing 🙂

Screen Shots: