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Taste of Namma Bagalkot

 Article  by Ashwini  Kulkarni (Deshpande)

The word ‘Food’ itself creates  appetite for  all the Food loving  stomachs, it also characterizes the eating patterns of a region and the cities. Some ‘Foods’ will always enrich our taste buds and will rest in our memory forever.

Since its time for ‘sankranti’ ,Bagalkotians will be busy cooking ‘ Sajji Rotti’, ‘Yennigayi palya’, ‘Shenga Holige’, and all the rest delicacies which are amazing dishes of Bagalkot.

          Our city is well known for different Foods and also we Bagalkotians who enjoy everything form ‘Sajji rotti’  to ’Vada pav’. I still cannot forget the taste of ‘vadapav’ and ‘kachori’ sold in marwadi galli. I guess its still popular even today. One more place well known for chats is the chain of chatwallas near Engg College,their ‘Bhelpuri’ and ‘Panipuri were something that we would die to eat. Also now the ‘Mishra’s’ has become very popular in that area, they were the first were we tasted ‘Pasteries’ and also they sell delicious ‘papdi’, ‘samosa’, ‘kachori’ and ‘Dhokla’ .

Opp Kerudi hospital

One more thing that sells  the most in Bagalkot is “Bellary Bhaji’, the famous stall in Vallabhai chowk and  also near to them you will find ’Fakirappa pedha’ the famous sweet of bagalkot.

Some old  tastes that still remember in my heart is thevery delicious ‘Masala Dosa’ of Shastri Hotel and  the amazing “Fruit Salad’ of Himalaya Cold  Drinks . Though these Eating joints don’t exist now  but  the taste can  never be forgotten.

With all these Small food  joints there are also some well known restaurants like “Shiv Sangam’ and “Hotel Akshay’ where you can have taste of North Indian Food too. With the changing times our city is also accepting new tastes from all over  india along with its original roots.

Here’s wishing all Bagalkotians ‘Happy Eating’ and also wishing  “Happy Sankranti”.


// Designed By Amrut Deshpande

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