Shuter-Bug : Photography Contest

After our 5th successful year, we are excited to conduct this photography event.

Shutter-Bug: photography event Bagalkot
Shutter-Bug: photography event



1. You can take photos with any camera.

2. Basic editing to enhance photos is allowed.

3. One participant has to send minimum of 3 photos

4. Theme of the competition is “Beauty of NammaBagalkot –  Capture city photos”

5. You can start upload from now.


How to send photos?
You can post your photos to our fan page ( with a appropriate caption and  hashtag #NammaBagalkotShutterBug.

How are winners selected?
Winners are selected based on the following criteria

  1. Quality of photos
  2. Number of likes the photo has got on facebook
  3. All your photos will be considered

What do I get if I win it?
Your photos will be published to all the 11,000 fans with your name, and also you will get a exclusive NammaBagalkot fan T-shirt from us.

How many winners?
There will be 3 prizes but, if we may increase it if the quality of photos are really good.


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