RSS Pathasanchalana(28/10)

An article by “Sanjay Deshpande

City of Bagalkot donned a saffron look with major circles, junctions painted with trademark RSS flavour, feelings emotions pertaining to country to country of India, having gripped the city to witness RSS (Rashtriya Swayam Sevak) in continuation of its long standing legacy at this city which is inundated by the back waters of UKP (Upper Krishna project).However fervour and gaiety on this day has excelled the worries and woes of people who have rehabilitated to new city called Navanagar. Security measures were at its peak to avoid any untoward incident.

RSS march past was its best , with scores of workers clad in RSS attire were divided into two groups/rallies covering different paths coagulated at Basaveshwar circle in a much disciplined manner, precise time maintenance was its key feature. One could easily get impressed as the awe inspiring march past, depicted “UNITY IN DIVERSITY” spirit, patriotism. People of all ages regardless of profession, cadre participated in the rally. We – feeling and national affection of all workers was conspicuous through enthusiasm, gesture and body language.

RSS march past at Bagalkot is observed on every commencing Sunday after Vijaydashmi (Dasara) every year. It is backed up by an inspiring history

March past culminates at BVVS campus ground , it will be followed by an  Inaugural address by the chief guest, this occasion assures the concern, pride of our Indian culture and spirituality, it reinforces the fact that, we have not been conquered wholly by foreign culture and also represents that our spirits haven’t been dampened by the invasion of western ideas.


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