Must Have Android Apps

    Article by : Chetan S P(Gogte Institute of Technology,Belgaum)

Who doesn’t know that App’s like Google Maps, Whatsapp, Google Goggles complete your smartphone? Now let’s look at other amazing applications which change the whole way how you use your Android phone. I have laid out the following apps in an alphabetical order because I personally find all the below apps equally impressive.

Auto SMS:


This surly is an app which puts together functions which is usually done by 2-3 apps put together.

i. It can readout the callers/message senders’ name and also read the content of the message if needed.

ii. It can automatically send a presetmessage in case you cannot respondto a call or message immediately.

iii. You can schedule messages to be sent later on, this can be sent to a group of recipients or an individual and can be recurred hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly.

Cons: The UI needs some improvements.

2. Battery Mix:


In case you feel that the default android battery indicator is less detailed, this app can always help. Although this app doesn’t claim to increase the battery backup, it just provides detailed and accurate information about the battery status.

i. You can place a ‘Notification Icon’ in the status bar and/or also a ‘Battery Bar’.

ii. It can raise an alarm when the battery level has reached a preset value.



It has about 100 categories to choose from and all possible units for conversion under them.

i. You can customize the UI according to your likes.

ii. You can add your own conversion category and units

iii. Has a inbuilt calculator for all your quick calculations

iv. Supports 24 languages.


4. Flip4Silence:


Ever faced an awkward moment when your droid rang in its highest volume when you are in a silent zone? Well, that won’t happen again once you use install this app.

i. Enables you to turn off the call Sound and the Vibration once you either ‘Flip’, ‘Shake’ or turn the phone with its display to the topwhile the phone continues to ring.

ii. If you are one of those people who work mostly on a desk, the ‘Pickup’ option will surely be very helpful. Using this you can silence the call sound once you pick up the phone from the desk.

Gesture Search:


Just draw the alphabets on screen and this Google app will dig out all apps, contacts, browser bookmarks, music content and phone settings starting with that alphabet. What more is that this app even monitors all the search items that you look out for so that it throws up the correct item the next time you use it. For example initially if for a onscreen gesture ‘G’, it shows the ‘Gmail’ app first and then the ‘Google search’ app and you select the second app, the next time you use the same gesture, it’ll place the app you previously selected for this gesture, here it’s ‘Google search’ app as the first search item.



This app must be one of the fastest spreading apps in Google Play at the moment and no surprise it stands 1st under the ‘Top Free’ leaving behind ‘Whatsapp’ at 2nd position presently. What brings more cheers is that this has been developed by an Indian developer. Even though it seems to lack the glittering UI of Whatsapp, it rightly can be termed as a “Whatsapp-killer” Here are some of the things you can do using this app:

i> Send unlimited Hike-to-Hike messages ie: To

other Hike users.

ii> Initially send 100 free sms to non-Hike Indian users.

iii> You can invite your friends to join Hike and the moment they install this app on their phone, you will be allotted 50 extra sms’s every month and in addition to that you will also get Rs.20 talktime which can be redeemed easily onto your main balance.

Increasing Ring:


This app brings back one of the common features of the earlier mobiles ie: it increase the ringtone gradually instead of directly ringing in the preset volume level. It can also be used to do the same job with any alarm apps just in case your alarm app lacks this feature. All you need to do is to set the max volume level in the app, the next time your phone rings, initially it’ll start with the sound level set in the default system settings and then gradually increase to the set maximum level.

8> Light Manager:


This app works only with the devices having a notification LED.

To begin with, I really feel that the developer of this app must be commended for continuously adding new features and draining out all the bugs. With this app, you can customize the colour and the rate at which your LED blinks for the notifications. Presently there are 23 apps and events like ‘missed calls’, ‘messages’, ‘Gmail’, ‘Whatsapp’, etc. which can be configured under this app. Apart from this, you can add any other five 3rd party apps. Since with the latest update of Feb 1st2013, you can even change the brightness of the LED so you need not worry about the battery usage issue.


9. Notification Toggle:


This app creates notifications in the Android status bar to let you quickly switch GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Flight mode and many more. It can also house shortcuts for other apps. This is a must have app for all the Sony smartphone users as they do not have this feature by default unlike Samsung phones. There are 25 toggles and shortcuts together. By downloading a pluggin ‘Icon downloader for NT’ you can even change the default icons of the switches.

10. Sanity:


Sanity app as the developer claims is your “Personal assistant during phone calls”. This can record calls, block calls, announce caller, auto answer, change the vibration pattern of your phone and many more. The best part of this app is that almost every feature of this is configurable ie: you can choose whether to activate a particular feature to just a single number or a group of callers or to only anonymous callers. It’s hard to believe that such a detailed app is only of 627kb and can be moved to SD card!!