Mudhol Hound:Source of bread for many people

The Mudhol hound, which was on the verge of extinction, has become a source of livelihood for hundreds of families in Bagalkot district. The breeding of these hounds has helped improve the living standards of several poor dalit families after the government set up a separate research centre in Timmapur village of Mudhol taluk. These hounds are one among the 32 such breeds recognised at the international level.

The Mudhol Hounds Research and Information Centre has been encouraging breeding and reproduction by providing puppies to more than 300 dalit families in Bagalkot.

The centre is also supplying food and free medical care to these hounds apart from training the beneficiaries who can sell the puppies. The families involved in the breeding exercise is on the rise as there is a heavy demand for Mudhol hounds from various parts of the country and abroad.

“A family can easily earn upto `3 lakh a year if it has three female and a male hound. The cost of each puppy has gone up to `7,500 from just `1,000 two years ago. We will help more dalit families become self-reliant by breeding the hounds and selling them if the government provides more assistance”, said head of Mudhol Hounds Research and Information Centre Dr Venkangouda Doddagoudar.

These dogs were brought to India by Persians, Arabs and Afghans several centuries ago. The hounds are known for their ability to endure extreme weather and for their hunting skills. There are people involved in breeding of hounds in several villages in Mudhol, Bilagi and Jamkhandi of Bagalkot district. People arrive from various parts of the country to buy these hounds during the dog show  held every year.

“The maintenance of Mudhol hounds is economical as these hounds eat very less. They sleep less during the night and can identify a scent quickly”, said Rajendra Chandanshiva who belongs to a family involved in the breeding of these hounds for the last three centuries since the
Mughal era.

source: Deccan Chronicle