How to hide “last seen at” in whatsapp?

The best thing about whatsapp can make you annoying at times, the most popular feature “last seen at” is what I am telling about, no doubt it gives you an idea about when was the user online last time and you can easily say that if he was online then he certainly has seen your message.
Now, if you are at the receiving end and particularly if you are not interested to that friend then you want him to think that you are offline, yes we can do that here is a way,

Suppose you are chatting with ‘A’ and want to avoid him but still want his msgs then the moment you get a ping just turnoff WiFi/mobile data and then open up whatsapp and read his/her msgs, now what happens is without internet whatsapp cant update your last seen status so it will be unchanged.

Now if the scenario is such that you want to ignore one and continue chatting with others here is the trick.
If you are chatting with ‘A’ and want to ignore him without letting him/her know about your last seen status, as soon as you receive the message from A just turn off internet and view that message and also type the reply to your other favourite friend and minimize the app and turn on internet, now in the background whatsapp will automatically send your message to your friend. Keep repeating this for future replies.

So the thing to remember here is just open the app with your internet turned off.

Happy whatsapping:)