Google Contacts (Fixes and Solutions) Reviewed by Momizat on . Wondering how contacts on your android phone work?The reason for writing this post is to help all of you still trying to fix the contacts issues and suffering f Wondering how contacts on your android phone work?The reason for writing this post is to help all of you still trying to fix the contacts issues and suffering f Rating: 0
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Google Contacts (Fixes and Solutions)

Google Contacts (Fixes and Solutions)

Wondering how contacts on your android phone work?
The reason for writing this post is to help all of you still trying to fix the contacts issues and suffering from data losses.
Frankly speaking, I just didn’t know how this contact stuff work on my android phone, Everytime I formatted my phone i lost the contacts(or few) and after lot of googling found solution which is here…

Problems that will be fixed after this
1. Multiple Entries with same names
2. Unnecessary Email Ids in search results of contacts
3. Backup/Restore problems
4. Contacts Photos update errors.

*I am not responsible for any loss of data during this process, so please take a backup before doing.

Well starting from the basics there are 3 memories:
1. Sim
2. Phone
3. Google Contacts

Nowadays Sim memory is rarely used as it doesn’t hold more than numbers and it can save maximum of 250 entries so I will ignore it.

Phone memory:
If its samsung/sony/htc phone many prefer saving contacts on this memory as it is the default option and its easy to backup to your laptops via kies or pc companion. Please don’t save unless you have a reason to backup to your PC.

Google Contacts:
This is the memory everyone should stick to for saving all the contacts in order to have contacts problems sorted out,it may be data loss, photo synch problems etc.
But we need to understand how google contacts work.
You can see all your contacts under your google account here

Your Contact Manager has a few default contact groups (listed under the “New Contact” button on the left side) to help you organize your most used and most important contacts. You can still create custom contact groups yourself.

  • All Contacts: Just what it sounds likeā€”this is a list of everyone you’ve composed an email to, or replied to, from this Google/Gmail account. If you’re using an Android phone or the Google Voice service, you’ll also see people you’ve called (more than once?) show up here. You don’t have a lot of say in the matter as to who goes into All Contacts.
  • My Contacts: Google automatically populates this group, and you can’t delete it or manage who automatically goes into it, though you can manually add or remove individuals from it, as noted below. Contacts in this group tend to rank higher in Gmail’s auto-completing address function, and in other Google apps, whenever you start typing.
  • Google has many other default groups for more info (
  • Important thing is, you can create your own groups and google won’t add/delete/replace any of your entries. I personally prefer doing a custom group for phone purpose.

Before starting.. Make sure you have all your contacts on google acount and keep your phone memory and sim memory empty(to avoid confusion)

Use the google contacts web interface to perform following actions

  • Click on the My contacts and do find and merge contacts(google will automatically find similar names and merges them)
  • After merging, make a new custom group and copy all the contacts except the contacts with only email ids from “My contacts” to “Custom” group. Now under Custom group you can see contacts with (phone numbers + email ids)
  • With care and inspection manually merge contacts if there are any with only email ids.

On Phone:
Now on the phone(Samsung Phone Screenshots)
With ” sync contacts ” option turned on, open your contacts app and go to “contacts to display”(or any other similar options on phones other than samsung) and select customized list and select the only custom group leaving all others empty(Under google account).
Yeah! thats it..
The contacts list will now only have phone numbers which are in sync with google.Screenshot google contacts

No need to worry about your contacts even if you factory reset your phone, the moment you add your google account contacts will be back as before.

Note: The contacts photos depends on the google plus profile linked with email ids.

For any queries/issues/better solution reply with your reactions below




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