Bagalkot’s Singing Maestro: “Shri Ananth Kulkarni”


Ananth Laxmanrao Kulkarni hailing from the background of a traditional family, had developed a keen interest in music since his childhood days listening to the singing of his mother, Smt. Padmavathi and also his elder brother, Sri Gururaj Kulkarni. He picked up his singing early and was a regular in his school and college apart from singing light music and film songs at functions in the neighborhood. He received his bachelor’s degree in music (Hindustani) with distinction. He received his initial training in hindustani classical music from Pt. H. R. Badiger and later mastered and honed his singing skills under tutelage of Pt. Mukund Gore. He passed the Vidwat Exam (Hindustani Music) conducted by the Government of Karnataka with a first class and received the distinction of Sangeet Marthand from Prayag Sangeeth Sameeti, Allahabad. He is an ‘A’ Grade artist of light music of All India Radio, Dharwar.

Ananth Kulkarni was initiated into singing “Dasara pada” (devotional songs of Haridasas) greatly influenced and encouraged by Sri Prabhakar Joshi. His brother Sri Gururaj Kulkarni was also into singing dasara pada and has set to tune many of them, which were later popularized by Ananth Kulkarni.

Ananth Kulkarni gave his first full fledged dasawani concert at Yadgir in the year 1987 and thereafter there was no looking back. Over the years he emerged as the most sought after devotional singer for dasawani concerts performing in nook and corner of the entire state of Karnataka as well as in the neighboring states.

He is known for his unique style of rendering songs of Haridasas with lot of emphasis on the lyrics and pronunciation keeping his rendition simple and divine. His deep understanding of the madhwa philosophy, on which the haridasa songs are based on, gives him the command on rendering the songs with unsullied clarity, diction and divinity, a quality which is most appreciated by his enormous fan following.


  1. Haridasa Nidhi by Sumadhwa Sangha, Shimoga
  2. Harikathamruthasara Bhushana by Haridasa Sampada Trust, Bangalore and Harisudha Audio, Yalburga
  3. MeghaMalhar by Meghamalhar Samithi, Gulbarga
  4. Parimala Prashasti by Parimala Geleyara Balaga, Bangalore
  5. Haridasa Sangeetha Vidwanmani by Sangeetha Bharathi, Bagalkot
  6. Haridasa Sangeetha Brahma by Veereshwar Punyashram, Gadag
  7. Harigana Mohana by Nataraj Sangeetha Vidyalaya, Bagalkot
  8. Panduranga Prashasti by Panduranga Seva Samithi, Tangadagi
  9. Prasanna Venkatadasa Prashasti by Prasanna Venkatadas Aradhana Samithi, Bagalkot
  10. Honoured by District Level Administration by the hands of Cabinet Minister Sri Govind Karjol of Karnataka, at Independence Day celebrations at Bagalkot