Bagalkot District Administration allows relaxation till 1pm only

Govt. Of India’s Ministry of Home affairs and Karnataka Government post the lockdown 2.0 made it clear that lockdown would be eased and most of the shops would be open from 7am to 7pm post which its a curfew.

But Bagalkot district administration allowed shops to be opened till 1 pm only.

Lockdown 4.0: Even now with most of the rules are eased except public gatherings. Bagalkot still follows timings of 7am to 1pm. We saw the police forcing the shop owners to close down the shops yesterday as well.

Opinion: We believe this will only make it more crowdy as people find less window to come out and buy things so the probability of people getting crowded at a store is high which makes us more prone to infection if any. We request the administration to reconsider this rule.

Kerudi Hospital road (for representational purpose)