A story that will inspire many | Heroes of Bagalkot

Abdul Rehman, tum tum (Auto Rickshaw ) driver with no. KA 29. B 0276 could have become 10 thousand richer in terms of money. But he opted to become honest and there by becoming an inspiration to people.
Nov 12th- Deepawali Paddya, his auto was hired by a family to go to home after having a festive vacation. They got into the auto near Navanagar bus stand and asked Abdul to drop in 3rd sector, After getting down at their home, they forgot to take one of the bags from the auto.
The bag was full of silk sarees and other valuables worth Rs.10,000/-. By the time they noticed the missing bag in their home Abdul was left already.
But after an hour they hear the tum tum sound approaching, and there he was Abdul!
Yes he came back to return the bag that the family forgot to take. Family was overjoyed not because they got their valuables back but because of the honest act which is rarely seen nowadays.

The family is a neighbor to me, I managed to take a photo of Abdul and his Auto, just say him “Thanks” if you get a chance to see him.

-Amrut Deshpande