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Contact DrRyan
: 7642822817
: Sector 11 Dwarka, Delhi, Delhi
: INR 110,075.00


This is just to inform you that our company can clean out blackmoney called
Anti-Breeze (Stained money) Bank notes So please if you have made a kind of
Money making Business that your money is stacked. We can help you clean the
Money so please if you know some one that his money is Stacked as well we
can help clen the money and you will receive a comission.

We will Supply SSD Solution, ssd chemical,mercury/activation powder, ssd
super automatic universal ssd solution vectrol paste, Tebi-Manetic solution,
Super Automatic Solution, for Cleaning Black Stain, Anti Breeze, Black Dollar
black money, Black Currency, Black Notes, Defaced currency, defaced money
and Other Currencies

We a
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