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10 Shortcut keys you would love to know and use

How many of you use shortcut keys for your tasks? Very few I guess. Check these short cuts and I personally suggest you to use. 1. Everyone's favorite: Task Manager Directly-: ctrl+shift+esc 2. Switching Between windows: Alt+Tab 3. Minimize all the windows at once: win (key) +D 4. Playing with windows: win+up|down|left|right arrow. 5. Projector Display: win + P. 6. Zooming a picture in image viewer: win+ (p ...

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How to make use of Laptop to create Mic and Speaker

I bet, many of you have tried for this “Outputting your laptops microphone input to same laptops speakers(mice speaker setup)”, read it twice, yes! We can do the above to have mice and speaker setup at home. This setup can be used at your home and mini functions. I am demonstrating for windows 7, but it can be done on XP and Vista as well. For better output make sure you have external microphone and externa ...

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How to hide “last seen at” in whatsapp?

The best thing about whatsapp can make you annoying at times, the most popular feature "last seen at" is what I am telling about, no doubt it gives you an idea about when was the user online last time and you can easily say that if he was online then he certainly has seen your message. Now, if you are at the receiving end and particularly if you are not interested to that friend then you want him to think t ...

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All About Whatsapp: the sms killer

Whatsup guys?, we all are very much familar with this word, not only because of the fact that its widely used in chatting language but also because of messaging app "whatsapp" so let us get more acquainted with this app. Whatsapp was developed by yahoo"s ex-employee, its commonly known as message killer app. Here are the few tips and tricks you should know 1.Group chat : You can create groups with as many a ...

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How to clear your search history in Facebook

Well! am sure all of you have searched for your old friend or classmate in the search bar on facebook and thats what facebook is meant for searching and getting connected, and facebook uses this search data to make your searches better next time. But now what if you want to get rid if all the previous search history so that you can escape from your friends and relatives who tease you the most? Yup! thats po ...

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Turn your Laptop into a WIFI Hotspot

Many of us still use the old classic modem which have Ethernet port and lacks wireless fidelity, but now everyone possess tablets and smartphones so one should be able to access internet at his place so its, must to have wifi service. How to do it without buying wifi router(wifi router costs you around 1200) here is a solution for that. Pre requisities: Internet Connection. Wifi Enabled Laptop/Desktop. Conn ...

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Must Have Android Apps

    Article by : Chetan S P(Gogte Institute of Technology,Belgaum) Who doesn’t know that App’s like Google Maps, Whatsapp, Google Goggles complete your smartphone? Now let’s look at other amazing applications which change the whole way how you use your Android phone. I have laid out the following apps in an alphabetical order because I personally find all the below apps equally impressive. 1. Auto SMS: This ...

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