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Google Contacts (Fixes and Solutions)

Wondering how contacts on your android phone work?The reason for writing this post is to help all of you still trying to fix the contacts issues and suffering from data losses.Frankly speaking, I just didn't know how this contact stuff work on my android phone, Everytime I formatted my phone i lost the contacts(or few) and after lot of googling found solution which is here...Problems that will be fixed afte ...

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Google Chrome Remote Desktop

Laptop at the table and we at different place! This is my favourite arrangement, but the shot is we don't want to get out frequently to control our PCs. Thanks to many apps for helping us to get this arrangement done like "Splashtop", "Microsoft Remote Desktop" and more. Its Google's time to launch their own app to remote control, yup this is called "Chrome Remote Desktop" still in its beta stage does a lot ...

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How to synch facebook birthdays with your phone

Adding your events or birthdays to your phone calendar manually is just next to impossible with a number of social friends increasing at today's rate. Birthdays splashing on your phone home screen does help you in remembering them and sending them your wishes. Here is a simple & an easy way to do that, 1. Login to your Facebook account and go to events page (which you can get it on the left column), cli ...

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