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Its all about Bagalkot written by Bagalkotians

Vidyagiri Model Roads – Ahead of Modi’s Smart city Vidyagiri roads model to the country! Model Layout Features: Beautiful Asphalt Roads Uniform Road Markings Consistent Colors painted on street light poles Consistent Colors painted on compound walls 18 lakhs  spent on Roads Drainage System Public Library If you are eager to have a look visit cross no 7,22 in vidyagiri. And all all this is thought through by our pe ...

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Coming Home For Diwali

     The sudden ringing of my cell phone in a room filled with silence sounded like the honking of a train in a tunnel. A sudden rush of adrenalin made my heart beat faster . It was a reminder, “Keep the bus ticket and phone charger”, the light blue screen of the phone flashed.     I searched for the bus ticket and found it safely placed in the drawer. The important things kept in a safe place are hard to f ...

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