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RSS and Bagalkot

​City of Bagalkot donned a saffron look with major circles, junctions painted with trademark RSS  flavour, feelings, emotions pertaining to country of India having gripped the city to witness RSS (Rashtriya Seva Samiti) stride in continuation of its long standing legacy at this city which is inundated by the back waters of UKP (Upper Krishna Project). The fervour and gaiety however has excelled the wor ...

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Introducing Places

We used to get lot of queries like * Where is x mobile shop? * Where is this hospital? * Where can I service my vehicle Etc. To answer these questions in better way, we thought of making a platform which is easy, efficient and friendly on mobile devices. What is NammaBagalkot Places? Its a platform where businesses owners can add their business listing, so that people can view and contact them How to add My ...

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Helicopter Ride in Bagalkot for 3000/-

If you are seeing frequent helicopter flies over your head in the city, its the new Helicopter ride organised by four people from Jamkhandi Taluk. What is It? Helicopter rides are meant only for VIPs and Politicians and even though people can take a flight to experience, but they don't get to fly over their hometown. In order to make people enjoy this beautiful backwater and city landscapes we planned this ...

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Bagalkot Cultural complex – A walk into the Folk style culture

How many of us remember the folk culture? or Does the next gen knows about our Uttara Karnataka Folk/Village life? The answer is more likely to be No! No problem, We have it here, One of the many plus points that happened after UKP (Upper Krishna Project) is this innovative "Cultural Complex" built on a huge area of entire sector no 19. Cultural complex has a Auditorium, Library and Exhibition center. What ...

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Ganappa Visarjan 2016

Ganapati Ganapati Moraya! Moraya! What you need to know on this visarjan day? 150+ public Ganaesha Visarjans are expected today. You can come out and enjoy visarjan time between 5pm to 12am. Visarjan Venues: Public idols can be submerged in Cement Quarry and Maharudrappana Halla  and private idola can be done at Quarry and Old Anjuman High school. All facilties have been made to do visarjan by Bagalkot Munc ...

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Invest Karnataka 2016 | Bagalkot District Profile

Rightly called the laboratory of architecture, Bagalkot - a district carved out of Bijapur district recently; is a haven of natural reserves like lime stone, granite, pink granite, dolomite and more. The natural reserves lend itself to manufacturing cement, with large national players building a stronghold here. However, the legacy is deeply entrenched as it is the house of the world famous monolithic rock ...

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